Studio Photography Photo Shoot

Join us and try out your studio skills

When: Sunday 16th July 2017

Time: 11:00am

Where: Lesmurdie (location will be provided to those booking)

Cost: TBA


This is a member's home studio so numbers may have to be limited and shooters timed to give everyone equal opportunity. Use the form below to book your spot.

The studio is equipped with the following:

  • seamless backgrounds
  • fabric backdrops
  • studio strobes (manual power adjustment)
  • flash meters
  • softboxes (octa, recta, 2 x square,)
  • umbrellas
  • product table
  • light tent with CFL continuous lighting
  • 35mm slide/negative copier
  • 6x6cm slide/negative copier
  • stands, booms, auto-poles, tripods, light-shapers, reflectors, stools, shooting lounge