1993  John Honisett President

1st recorded meeting  31st March 1993  18 members  Membership $20 Social Member $10 Student $10 Supper $1
The club origonated at the Lapedory Club as many members were members of both at the time.
This is the reason the club name is "GEM Camera Club"

May  decided not to join WAPF due to high cost

During the year they drafted a constitution in April and a logo  Removed the student and replaced with Junior 
 1994  President John Honisett  Bank Balance of $358.38  Reference was made to not attending the Easter
convention this year

March 1994 President John Honisett New members to have a fee set of $3  plus badges are available at $3

Trip to Dryandra and a photo rally, casserole night, slide night with swan view camera club
 1995 President John Honisett AGM  $646.38 
Incorporation of the club    Weekend trip to Myalup  Lewana Weekend October

Add “Inc” to the logo

Club looked further into obtaining a lotteries grant for new projector 25% or better to be provided by the club.  Application forms available April 1996
 1996  President John Honisett $769.84
Member $22 Social Member $11 Junior $11 Super $1  Nomination $5

Members Associate Members Visitors to be permitted to vote Judges visiting to be restricted to Judges Choice    Foreshore evening 23 March  Photo Rallies popular. Held exhibitions at Forrestfield

Visit UWA, Sausage Sizzle for fund raising, raffles held on club nights for run raising, Breakfast meeting

Lotteries Grant approved $1488
1997 AGM  President John Honisett $910.37 
Members $22 Social Members $11 Junior Members $11 Supper $1 Nomination $10

1997 Sausage Sizzles, Trip Wellington Mills,  Photo Rally
1998 AGM President John Honisett $1305.85 
Approach WAPF regards joining  Joined WAPF for a year to assess 
1999 AGM President John Honisett $1095.38 
Photo Rallies, Breakfast Old Brewery, separate Meetings from Workshops, Sausage Sizzles. Easter convention Pemberton 6 members attended, WAPF to hold the AGM at Gem Camera Club, Wagin Interclub
2000 President John Honisett $655.18 Easter Convention Pinjarra

2000 Sausage sizzles WAPF weekend at Beverley,  John Honisett elected President of WAPF,  Photo Rallies  Swan Districts Camera Club asked Gem to combine and arrange 2002 Convention, decided there were larger and more experienced clubs so declined. Still have Treasurer/Secretary
2001 AGM  President John Honisett $696.16, photo rally, sausage sizzle WAPF Easter Convention at Denmark Gem to hold WAPF AGM  Prices of badges $8 to $10 each

Photo rallies, Kalamunda Show, Breakfast meeting, Sausage Sizzle $181.50 Proposed Calendar for 2002
2002 President John Honisett $395.08  Members $24 Social $12, Junior Member $12, Joining Fee $12, Supper $1

Meeting and Workshop every second month with comp every month  Photo Rallies, Trip Away Lewana Sausage Sizzle  WAPF affiliation to be continued this year.  Interclub Comp  Convention at Curtin University.   WAPF meeting Mt Barker, Photo Rallies
2003 President John Honisett $676.94  10th Anniversary 
Trip away to Gingin  WAPF convention 2004  Labour Day   WAPF Meeting Wagin

How can clubs handle digital photography
2004 President John Honisett $500.06  Ethels competition is mentioned each year but no idea who Ethel is or was

Ric won once but didn’t get a prize.  WAPF website should be up and running Visitors night to try to encourage more members.
2005 2005  President John Honisett $727.23  Member $25 Social $12, Junior $12, Joining $12, Nightly $2

Cancelled visitors night.  Reduce the number of entries per section from 3 to 2

New Rules
2006 President John Honisett  $730.47
Continue with Colour Prints, Set Subject and Open Slides, Mono, Creative Imaging and Open Subject,
Sausage Sizzles continue as fund raising  Changing financial institution from Wespac to Bendigo Bank Forrestfield
 Digital Photography introduced.   Constitution revised.  Photography Market  2nd Sept.  Was moved not to continue with the Photo market next year as they didn’t receive enough income
2007 President John Honisett $1067.13 
Website.  Include a Creative Imaging for any digital creation  entries no longer than 2 years old.  Sausage Sizzles.  Judges association increased costs.  Photo Rally,  Ethels Competi8tion to be deleted from calendar.  Club T Shirts
2008 President Ric McDonald  $1445.43  Badges, Araluen Botanical Park
2009 AGM  Ric McDonald President  $1613.63 
Club embraced new technology with digital  Excursions to Araluen, Kalamunda Night Shoot, Whiteman Park, Increase nightly meetings to $5, Tri club competition. 
Apply Lottery Grants for Laptop, Projector, new screen and light room software

Digital Presentation.  Started having professional photographers as judges.  Editorial to Echo Newspaper. Excursion to Bell Tower.  Judges comment only on the 1st 3 place getters.  Spring in the Hills Photographic Competition to be annual.  Sponsorship

Membership fees to increase to $35 from 2010  Relocate club when membership reaches above 30
2010 President Gary Wooldridge $1026.86  
Increase Full membership to $35 Joining fee to $15 Junior to $20 Meeting fee to increase to $4  Constitutional change  Started 2009 with 11 members ended with 28.  Entries over the 3 classes around 100 per comp.  Spring in the Hills inaugural event made small profit.  Workshops on location .  Acquired Club Laptop.  Organized and held Gem Camera Club first weekend away at Kalannie with Gem Catering.  Discussed having one at Dryandra the following year.  Established Spring in the Hills Bank account.  Application Lottery West Grant successful.  Established the Kalamunda Post box.  Neal Pritchard a Patron.  Moved venue to the Old Town Hall Kalamunda.  Prejudging on line  Sponsors for Spring in the hills Benchmark $50 Lesmurdie Newsagency $50.  Raffles Lesmurdie Florist  & Wayne Bentley.  Kalamunda Grant $1000 
2011 President Ailsa McDonald    review subs 
Motion : That Gem Camera Club set the once off membership joining fee at $15 for all classes of membership at the time of joining regardless of the time of the club year and that annual membership fees be set as follows:

1 January to end of June : Member $35 : Junior member $20
1 July to end of September : Member $20 : Junior member $12
1 October to end of December: Member $35 : Junior member $20
and the October to December memberships be valid to the end of the following club year.

Reviewed Constitution .
Dryandra , Lake Ballard. Click West.
Form a Spring in the Hills committee.  Continue to actively gain sponsorship for SITH
Over 55 members.  Changes to viewing the competitions to be discussed 
Paypal introduced for payment.  Insurance on our laptops
Christmas break up at Ric and Ailsa.
Gem Website log in for members. Secure not public.
Event at Rockingham. 
Photography 101 commenced.
Mail Chimp.
New Polo Shirts., Constitution Changes. Membership packs.
2012 President Ailsa McDonald. $2204.97  Karijini, New Judging System, Spring in the Hills Sponsors $5000, Click West.  WAPF Interclub at Norther Exposure.  Website.  End of year held at McDonalds.  Day photo excursions.

South West Light.  Gold Silver and Bronze judging, Scott Kelby Walks.  Lake Ballard ,44 attended.  Junior Gems, Website upgrade by Wayne

Over 70 members.  2 new Laptops , Ken Duncan workshops,  96 financial members by end   November 2012 
2013 AGM President Stephen Lane. Website upgrade Wayne, Ric introduced new Gem Logo. Spring in the Hills,  Nanga Bush Camp 67 attendees.  Profit $2284 , Photography 101.  Click West 22% of finalists were Gem Camera Club.  Merredin Event.  Steve Parish Workshop, Pemberton weekend. Wayne Ric and Ailsa continue upgrade  of Website.  Importance of Facebook.
2014 President Stephen Lane.   Upgrade of Website following serious problems at the end of year.  Mentors System introduced.  Point Peron, Click West, Photography 101, Spring in the Hills. Purchase of Wufoo,  Ferguson Valley. Interclub, Club Shirts. 47 attendees at Ninghan.Total profit $1841. RFDS donation $523 Bookings for Wooleen booked out for 2015 10 months ahead of event

Spring in the Hills Workshop booked out at 60.  Ferguson Valley Presidents Dinner
2015 President Keith Ferguson.
Membership end of February 90 plus 2 life members = 92
During the year Keith resigned from President due to health issues and Vice President Kielley Edward stepped up to President.
2015 NB AGM and club calendar was changed from Jan to Feb with an AGM in Feb to end Oct to Nov 1 with AGM in November to help the committee better manage the following year.
President Kielley Edwards.
Membership end of 2015 year 103 ( this is the first time we have has a current financial membership over 100)
membership Fees increase to 
New Adult Member  $50 plus joining fee of $15 total $65
New Junior member  $35 plus joining fee of $15 total $50
Adult Renewal           $50
Junior Renewal          $35
Ric and Ailsa McDonald were elected as Life Members of the Club